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SAML 2.0 Basics

Voilà can integrate with your organization's existing identity provider (IdP) using SAML 2.0, allowing a seamless and secure access for your attendees. With SAML 2.0, Voilà acts as a Service Provider (SP), while Identity Providers (IdPs) like Okta or Microsoft Active Directory serve as trusted sources of authentication.


Supported Identity providers

Voilà supports the following identity providers (IdP):


Before proceeding make ensure that you have access to your company's IdP settings and a Voilà account.


We can assist you with the SAML configuration of your IdP. Please contact our support.

Step by step

  1. Log in to Backstage
    • Browse our integration page on backstage and select SAML SSO.
  2. Enter SAML Configuration Details. You'll need to provide specific details required for SAML integration, such as:
    • IdP Metadata URL
      • This is the URL provided by the chosen IdP (e.g., Okta, Microsoft Active Directory) that contains metadata describing the IdP's SAML capabilities and endpoints.
    • IdP Entry Point (Identity Provider Entry Point)
      • The IdP entry point, also known as the Identity Provider Login URL or Single Sign-On URL.
    • IdP Issuer ID
      • A unique identifier assigned to the IdP.
    • Public IpP PEM
      • The public key of the IdP is used by the Service Provider to verify the signatures of SAML assertions and other SAML messages sent by the IdP. This ensures the authenticity and integrity of the messages exchanged during the SAML authentication process.
  3. Save Configuration
    • After entering the required details, save the SAML configuration settings.
  4. Configure your IpP with the appropriate configuration and mapping as described in backstage.
  5. Enable the SSO integration on a Voilà program
    • Once the integration has been successfully configured for your organization
      • Create a program
      • Go to 'Access and Attendees'
      • Choose 'Private Access' and enable SSO for this program
  6. Test Integration
    • It's crucial to test the SAML integration to ensure it's functioning correctly.
    • Use the program url provided in 'Access and Attendees' to test your integration.