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RTMP Video Input


This section only applies to Studio Pro Sessions. Within Studio Web Sessions, we take care of the ingestion.

Video Input creation

In order to stream your audio and video feed on the Voilà platform, you will need to create ingestion points (referred to as "Video in") within your session studio (Settings > Video in).

HD CBR option

If you're uncertain whether your encoder can reliably produce a strict Constant BitRate encoding, we suggest utilizing our HD CBR feature.

When you activate the HD CBR option, only the lower qualities produced by our platform, in accordance with our recommendations, will be offered to viewers. The highest quality we will offer will be HD 720p, even if the ingestion is done in Full HD 1080p.

More information about HLS ladders.


If the HD CBR option is enabled, our video recording feature will also be limited to 720p.

By default, this option is not activated, which means that the stream produced by your encoder is sent to viewers without any transformation as the highest quality. Our platform still handles transcoding to lower qualities in case the viewer has limited bandwidth.


When subtitles are enabled, whether through automatic transcription or velotype, it may take up to five minutes for the RTMP endpoint to become operational after you begin ingesting the stream from your encoder. We are actively working to minimize this latency.


Please account for the 5-minute latency and initiate the ingestion process with a 5-minute lead when utilizing our built-in subtitles features. During this waiting period, you will observe the corresponding Video In status as "STARTING". Once everything is operational, it will change to "RUNNING".

RTMP endpoint

After generating a Video In, you can access its RTMP URL and secret key by clicking the show stream key button (represented by a key icon) associated with the Video In.

If your streaming appliance or software necessitates only one input, simply combine the Ingest URL and Ingest key to form the complete ingest URL.